The Twelfth Century Awakening, Chapter 4

Please read Chapter 4 in your book, The Woman With the Alabaster Jar

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers, and send to the Esoteric Mystery School with the subject line reading: “Alabaster Jar, Lesson 4  from ______________  ”

1. Name the two pre-eminent leaders of the Jerusalem community.

2. Did they get along with Paul? Yes or No

3. What is know as the cradle of the Awakening?

4. What early Chirstian saint and writer had enormous influence on attitudes toward women and sex?

5. Who were the heretics of Provence?

6. Describe the faith of the Cathars with at least two paragraphs.

7. What two sacred things existed in a grotto under the Cathedral of Chartres? What pre-Christian group also held this grotto to be sacred?

8. What did the medieval gypsys believe about the placement of the gothic cathedrals in northern France?

9. Who else besides Freemasons were called “Sons of the Widow”?

10. What are the names of the twin pillars of the Temple, and what do those names mean?

11. What is the true meaning of tekton?

12. Who is the Lady Matronit?

13. What is the source of the Fisher King’s wound?

Questions by Katia

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