Alabaster Jar Lesson 5 – Relics of the Hidden Church

Please read Chapter 5 from the textbook The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, and answer the questions that follow the essay below.

As has already been examined, the Church of the Grail continued the “other version” of Christianity for centuries. It believed that the wounded King could only be healed by the celestial presence of the Bride, which is illustrated in the Grail stories of King Arthur. The stories subtly teach that only the recovery of the Grail can heal the land, restore the strength of the king,and bring the Knights of the Round Table back to Camelot.

Harold Bayley published a book about the watermarks found in medieval writings,particularly in copies of the Bible. This book examined the symbolism of watermarks – translucent designs pressed into sheets of paper. The Albigensian heretics used these watermarks when publishing the popular literature of their era, in order to preserve the secrets of the Grail Church without them being detected and destroyed by the oppression of the Roman Catholic Church.

Bayley believes that the watermarks are purely mystical symbols, but Starbird argues that the watermarks are political and doctrinal messages from the Albigensians, as well. The watermarks shed light on the faith of the heretics,which would otherwise have been lost. For instance, we can infer that the Abigensians believed that Yeshua was an earthen vessel which contained the spirit of God, and that he married and had children. They further believed that the descendants of Yeshua were present in Provence.

Some of the symbols were purely mystical, outlining ways to a better life of personal holiness, purification, and service which can be found in the Gospels. Even these were considered heretical by the Inquisition. Other watermarks were very political, such as the watermarks that indicated Yeshua was married with children, and that he (and thus, the children) were heirs to the Throne of David.

One of the most prevalent emblems was the unicorn. More than eleven hundred of the watermarks were of a unicorn, and it was used as an important symbol in medieval folklore for the Christ. The symbol of the unicorn will be discussed more in the next lesson. Another symbol prevalent in the watermarks is the lion, which is symbolic of the Lion of Judah. In 1 Chronicles 5:2, it’s established that the princes of Israel will come from the Tribe of Judah because he was the strongest of the twelve brothers. David was descended from Judah through Boaz and Ruth. Yeshua is hailed as a Son of David, and so must also be a Son of Judah. Yeshua, like the other kings of Israel, is the Lion of Judah.

Other symbols include:

Pomegranate – In ancient religions, a symbol of fertility. In Judeo-Christian mysticism, the Garden of the Bride and Bridegroom is described as a garden of pomegranates in the Song of Songs.

Cluster of grapes – Fruit and seeds of the grape vine. “The vineyard of the Lord is the House of Israel, and the men of Judah are his cherished plant.” (Isaiah 5:7)

Fleur-de-lis – Symbol used to identify Merovingian King Clovis I; political reference to the royal bloodline claimed to be that of Israel and France – the line descending from Judah.

Grail with cluster of grapes or fleur-de-lis – Combination of what is described above.

Letters MM – Maria Magdalen or Maria Maior. Maior assumed to be an epithet of the Blessed Mother, though it could just as easily apply to Magdalene.

Letters MR – Maria Regina, could as easily apply to Magdalene as to the Blessed Mother.

Letters IC – Iesu Christi, Yeshua Christ.

Bear – Animal connected with Merovingians in folklore; Arthur (Artos) means “bear.” This is the strong one who has been asleep for a very long time, and who is expected to awaken soon – to return after his long hibernation. Appears in Snow White and Rose Red, where he must break the spell of an evil dwarf and return to his true form, that of a handsome prince.

LUX/Cross of Light – Enlightenment.

Letter X – Truth. Sacred because it’s the mark mentioned in Ezekiel 9:4 with which the foreheads of the spiritually enlightened (those who mourned for Jerusalem) were to be marked. It was also used to mark the initiates of Qumran (the Essenes), and it was transferred into the Sign of the Cross.

Horn – Symbol for Albigensian preaching. In The Song of Roland, the horn has the ability to shatter “rock.” The Church of Rome claims to be descended from Peter, also known as Cephas, also known as “Rock.” The Church is sometimes called the Church of Peter, and so it would be the Church of Rock. The horn symbolized the preaching of the Albigensians shattering the Church of Rome. Jack the Giant Killer speaks of a horn that will kill an evil ogre and set the castle held captive free. The wall of Jericho fell at the sound of a trumpet blast.

Cross of Lorraine – Godfroi of Lorraine was the Merovingian offered the throne of Israel after the First Crusade. Drawn with two crossbars instead of one. The smaller bar at the top represents the scroll with the inscription INRI, which stands for Yeshua the Nazorean, King of the Jews. Shows that Yeshua and his bloodline are the rightful kings of Israel. Was still a symbol of French freedom during WWII.

AVM Glyph – “Ave Millennium” or “Thy Kingdom Come.” The internal M can be understood to stand for Maria. Orthodox view thinks it stands for Ave Maria, the Virgin Mary. Little do they know. The implicit meaning of the symbol is that the millennial promises can only be realized when the A – blade, masculine – and V – chalice, feminine – are joined. Harmony restored in Heaven will reflect the harmony on Earth. “As above, so below.” Or, in the words of the Christ himself… “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Letter M – An M can be formed when a V (chalice) is added to an A (without the crossbar). Ave Millennium. Ms are generally found in folklore inscribed on a tower, possibly standing for the Magdal, or Daughter of Tsion (Micah 4:8-9). Also found on pictures of crowns, accompanied by a G, for Gesu (Jesus in French), and a horn. The same G is prominent in Freemasonry. Stands for Miriam – Hebrew for “Lady of the Sea” – the Goddess. The Albigensians hoped their marriage of Yeshua and Magdalene would erode the established Church, paving the way for a wholesome myth in which the Earth is the partner of God, the sacred vessel that contains divinity.

In addition, there are many symbols which can be found in the Tarot (see your reading, as well as Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail, if you’re interested). All of these symbols also had connections to alchemical and later Hermetic traditions, which are further explained in the reading.

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers, and send to the Esoteric Mystery School with the subject line reading: “Alabaster Jar, Lesson 5 ¬†from ______________ ¬†”

1. T/F – The recovery of the Grail is a central theme in Arthurian tales.

2. What are watermarks?

3. T/F – All of the watermarks were mystical symbols, according to Starbird.

4. Explain the symbolism behind the Lion of Judah.

5. T/F – The unicorn is a symbol indicative of the Magdalene.

6. Explain the symbolism behind the pomegranate.

7. T/F – Grapes represent the Tribe of Benjamin.

8. Explain the symbolism behind the fleur-de-lis.

9. T/F – Maria Maior and Maria Regina may also be epithets of the Magdalene.

10. Explain the symbolism behind the bear.

11. T/F – The Cross of Light stands for the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

12. Explain the symbolism of the letter X, and how the Church of the Waystill uses it. (Critical thinking might be necessary here).

13. T/F – The smaller bar at the top of the Cross of Lorraine is representative for the INRI above the cross in the Gospels.

14. Explain the symbolism behind the horn.

15. T/F – The internal M stands for Maria in the AVM Glyph.

16. Explain the symbolism behind the AVM Glyph.

17. T/F – M may stand for the Magdal when inscribed upon a tower.

18. What myth does the Albigensian “heresy” pave the way for?

19. T/F – M doesn’t stand for Miriam.

Choose three of the following to answer:

20. Explain the symbolism behind The Simpleton.

21. Explain the symbolism behind The Joker.

22. Explain the symbolism behind The Female Pope (High Priestess).

23. Explain the symbolism behind The Empress.

24. Explain the symbolism behind The Pope. Why is he only holding one key?

25. Explain the symbolism behind The Lovers.

26. Explain the original symbolism of The Charioteer.

27. Explain the symbolism of The Wheel of Fortune.

28. Explain the symbolism of The Hanged Man.

29. Explain the symbolism of The Tower and The Moon.

Essay 1. We have discussed many symbols in this lesson, now let’s tie them all together. The Albigensians originally meant for these symbols to help future generations understand the Mysteries of the Grail Church and achieve enlightenment. So please write a few paragraphs about how these symbols- crucial parts of our Order of Mary the Magdala today – have helped you to further understand the Kristian Mysteries.

Essay 2. These symbols aren’t incontrovertible proof of the GrailChurch’s claims, but they are still strong evidence. Brainstorm ways that the Church of the Way could begin using these symbols to teach the world at large about the Grail Church, which is rooted in the earliest form of Christianity and technically even further back than that when we consider the “pagan”, Egyptian, Sumerian, gnostic and sacred geometry influences.

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