The Unicorn and the Lady

Please read Chapter 7, then answer the following questions and send to the Mystery School with Alabaster Jar 7 from _______ (your spiritual name) in the subject line.

1. What is the Physiologus?

2. How could the ferocious unicorn be captured?

3. What is the most frequent of all the recurring symbols among the Albigensian watermarks?

4. In the seven panels of the tapestry The Lady and the Unicorn displayed in the Cluny Museum in Paris, what are they extolling in turn?

5. According to the research of John Williamson what is the symbolism of the carnation, violet, rose periwinkle, trees of oak, holly, orange, pomegranate and pine?

6. What letters are woven into the tapestry corners and center and what is their meaning?

Questions by Priestess Nyota Sea aka HerbFancy

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