The Bride in Folklore and Legend

Please read Chapter 8, then answer the following questions and send to the Mystery School with Alabaster Jar 8 from _______ (your spiritual name) in the subject line.

1) When and where was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception established?

2) How did St. Bernard react to this?

3) What was “Oliphant,” and what could it do?

4) Compare Cinderella to the Lost Bride.

5) To which Icon of Our Lady does Pope John Paul II have a special devotion?

6) In the painting “The Road to Cavalry,” the cross that Jesus is holdingmakes an X over part of Mary Magdalene’s body. Where does the center of thisX fall? Could there be some significance to this?

7) What is the significance of the “evil step-mother” and “old witch” inthe stories?

8) What saint’s legends does the story of Rapunzel mirror?

9) If we take all these folk tales together, what is the “moral of the story?”

10) Can you think of any other folk tales or fairy tales that would fit thispattern? Which ones, and how do they fit the pattern?

Questions compiled by Lady Christine

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