Desert Shall Bloom

This is the last lesson in this ground-breaking book by Margaret Starbird, the first book we set out to study when our Order of Mary Magdala / Magdalene was founded in the 1990s.
Please read Chapter 9, the Desert Shall Bloom, and the Epilogue in The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, and The Little Mermaid article on Margaret Starbird’s own website .  You may also wish to view this YouTube video of Margaret again:

Answer the following questions and send to the Mystery School with Alabaster Jar 9 from _______ (your spiritual name) in the subject line.

1.  What has the denial of the Feminine as friend and partner robbed us of?

2.  Describe in at least one paragraph the paradigm for wholeness and don’t forget to mention the geometric symbol we can use to represent it.

3.  Can the feminine principle stand alone?  Why or why not?  Should we want it to?

4.  Describe what Jewish rabbinical tradition teaches was contained on the Ark of the Covenant in addition to the 10 commandments.

5.  What was known as the marriage chamber of God and Goddess?  And what happened when that marriage chamber was destroyed?

6.  Draw on scratch paper the 3 symbols the alternative Church used instead of the horrible crucifix.  Fill in the blanks to list the names of those three symbols here.  The _______ of Enlightenment, the _______ promise of the Millennium, and the ___________ of Spirit.  The third one is a bit harder to draw, but give it a try.

7.  In Matt. 16:4 Jesus says the only sign he will give is the sign of Jonah.  Jonah means “dove.”  The dove is Goddess Asherah’s symbol, and she is the Heavenly Mother of Jesus/Yeshua. What might Jesus have been saying when he mentioned the “sign of Jonah”?

8.  What are some of the uncanny coincidences and symbolic meanings in the Disney movie The Little Mermaid?

9.  What does Margaret Starbird say about the bloodline of Jesus in the final paragraphs of her book?  Extra Credit:  Margaret has since elaborated on her view of the bloodline. Tell anything else you have heard or read her say about it.

10.  How likely is it, do you think, that the Vatican will do what Margaret dreams about in the very last paragraph?  Why (in your opinion)?

Exercise:  Read again the Epilogue poem, The Sacred Reunion at the end of the book.  Read the last four lines twice.

Questions compiled by Katia

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