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“Noli Me Tangere” Notice this artist’s rendering of the characters’ hand positions (mudras) and the pennant Yeshua is holding. Magdala is clearly the center of this picture. What does her body posture indicate, do you think?


Creed of the Way

Degrees in the OMM

OMM Prayer Book

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You are no longer a Catechumen because you have been Initiated into the Church of the Way. You are an Initiate and a “Believer,” and are now an official Postulant in the Order of Mary Magdala. You have been given the first two passwords and sigils for Catechumen and Initiate status, be sure not to forget them. (If you are confused about the passwords review immediately the Catechumen lessons in which passwords and sigils were given).

More Initiations in store! After you complete this Postulant phase of study(lessons below) you also must undergo a first initiation into the Order of Mary Magdala. You are already a cloister member of the Order, a Postulant, but let’s get you initiated as an actual priestess or priest of Magdala*.  To do that is quite simple, just follow these steps…

1. The first book you will need for our studies is Margaret Starbird’s classic,The Woman With the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail. If you don’t have it, please order it now. The lessons for your priest/ess initiation do not require the book, but the ones coming right after do.

2. Complete all five Lessons, A, B, C, D & E, on the topic of Restoring the Goddess.

3. Memorize the Creed of the Way (see below). Perhaps learn a stanza a day. Recite the Creed to yourself while taking a walk, drifting off to sleep, as part of your evening or morning prayers, etc. Writing it out by hand helps to embed it within your subconscious and “permanent files.”It may take you awhile to memorize it, take your time, but do please memorize it, you will need it for your first OMM Initiation. (Because at one point you will be asked, “What do you believe?”)

4. Complete the lesson:  Sacred Balance: Earth Mother, Sky Father. (no need to repeat, if you’ve already done this lesson in another study hall.)

5. Study the work of art above and answer the question that goes with it, “What do you think Magdala’s body language is saying here?”Also include all your ideas about it, impressions, thoughts, anything it”says” to you.  Extra Credit: Do you notice any repeating shapes, as in sacred geometry?  (Hint: look for crescents).  Send an email to the MysterySchool with “OMM Artwork Thoughts” in the subject line.

Initiation Request.
When you have completed all of the above, and sent in all your assignments and answers, you should submit a request for Initiation into the 1st Degree of the OMM.  Be sure to put OMM Initiation Request 1st Deg. in the subject line.

Church of the Way
*A Priest/ess of Magdala is not to be confused with our Church of the Way titles Presvyter(a) which are early church words (Greek) meaning priest/ess. You will eventually obtain this Presvyter(a) rank in the Church of the Way, too. As you climb the degrees within your chosen Order(s) developing a specific field of expertise, you will also ascend the clergy ranks in the Church of the Way. The next Church of the Way title for you is the Order of Cleric, followed by the other minor orders, Porter, Lector, Acolyte and then into the major orders of Diakonissa (female Deaconess) or Diakon (male Deacon), followed by Archdiakon/ess, then finally Presvyter(a) meaning Priest or Priestess. You will be directed to the Order of Cleric study hall as soon as it is completed (under construction as of Feb 2018).

Painting by Vivarini.  MM, Mother Mary & other women saints admire Baby Jesus

Degrees in the Order of Mary Magdala                    Back to Top

Each of the Orders has internal titles and degrees. First you became an Initiate of the Mystery School and now you are beginning your study toward Priest/ess of Magdala so that you can delve right into working with Her and the Divine Godhead as a true clergy member.

When you become a priest/ess of Magdala you will be in the Degree of the Rose Cross, called a “Priest/ess of the Rose Cross.” You will then begin work toward the second degree in the OMM, the Degree of the Sacred Marriage. All along you will also be automatically progressing toward the title Diakon/issa status in the Church of the Way. Once you enter the Second Degree in OMM, or if you enter the 2nd Degree in another Order in the Esoteric Mystery School, you are considered a Diakon/issa in the Church of the Way. Confusing, yes, it all becomes clearer as we go along so don’t worry about it. Just follow the steps above in the OMM Study Plan.

Degrees in the Order of Mary Magdala:
1st.  “Degree of the Rose Cross”
2nd.  “Sacred Marriage, Hieros Gamos Degree”
3rd.  “Holy Grail Degree”

Creed of the Way                Back to Top

*I believe in One Godhead of Sacred Masculine and SacredFeminine
by which all things, seen and unseen, came into being.

*I believe in the Incarnation of the Divine Son, Yeshua,Logos,
begotten by the Father and born of the Mother;
Light of Light, true God of true God.

*I believe in Mary Theotokos, God-Bearer, who was the Divine Mother Incarnate.

*I believe in Pneuma, the Holy Spirit and Life-Giver;
the Power, the Presence, Wisdom and Breath of Deity
working in all worlds of matter, mind, and spirit.

*I believe in Mary Magdala, an incarnation of the Divine Feminine
who did anoint the Son of Man to seal his divine kingship;
to prepare Him for His death, descent into Hell and Resurrection.

*For Yeshua and His Bride the Magdala did come in the flesh,
were wed, and together showed us The Way to freedom from suffering,
to gnosis, to balance and union with our Source.

*I acknowledge their continued presence among us.
They are co-Redeemers in joint priest- and priestess- hood leading all
back into kinship with the Creative Godhead.

*I embrace their guidance, embody that compassion,
and work for the awareness of All
I AM that awakening


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