Order of the Northern Way

The Order of the Northern Way is for Celtic, Teutonic (Asatru, Germanic) and Earth-Based Mysteries, including Druidry and North American Folk Magic.

Much has been said regarding Western Thought and the Eastern Way. But what about the religious traditions and practices of the North? There was a rich fully developed pre-Christian European religion thriving just 1000 years ago. This religion, a cousin of Celtic religion, was called Heathenry, meaning “people of the heath.” The parts of Europe practicing Teutonic Heathenry include everything from the small Alpine section of Northern Italy, thru the eastern and mountainous sections of Spain, most all of France, up through the British Isles and throughout Scandinavia. The Celtic and Teutonic tribes that are the ancestors of modern English-speakers (and French, Irish and German speakers) also settled all over Europe, even in Spain. Their ways are our ways, but we have forgotten. There were also other tribes, the Bretons, Picts, Scots and ancestors of the Welsh who settled in parts of the British Isles and weren’t necessarily Celtic or Teutonic. There were Slavs and Balts, Finnish Shamans and other “pagan” faiths of the North. Their traditions and religious beliefs are part of the Northern Way, too. And so is North American folk magic, brought over by the Europeans who settled here and mingled with the Native American traditions such as Pow-wow.

If you are a European-American or a European and have felt the call of your heritage, the call of your distant elders, come join us in our reconstruction of their ways, beliefs, rituals and world views.

Sub-Orders of the Northern Way

(All members study each, then choose one to focus on, whichever resonates best with them)

Members are eligible to become full-fledged Celtic, Druidic, or Teutonic (Asatru) Clergy.

Please fill out the Mystery School application (if you haven’t already) and sign up for the NorthernWay communication e-list.

In Troth (truth), Frith (freedom) and Kinship!

Read the Invocation of the Ancestors by Druida/Dryad Katrein die Adlerin and other cool prayers in our on line Celtic Prayer Book

How and whom did our European ancestors worship?

Check out this online book of the Northern pre-Christian Ways by Alfta Reginleif, friend and kin-sister of our Kindred. Alfta’s work is painstakingly researched, she is on the forefront of reconstructing the religion of our foremothers and fathers of Europe, Britain and Scandinavia.

More Distant Ancestors, how did they worship?

See historian and writer Ann Moura’s book on this very issue [Hindu & Celtic & Teutonic culture are one], called, The Origins of Modern Witchcraft: Evolution of a World Religion. It delves into the complex history and influences of early civilizations, tracing beliefs through time, revealing the real roots of our beliefs and how politics and migration, commerce and conquests led to the variations on the Vedic theme that so many systems share today.
Indo-European roots Articles:
Hindu & Celtic Culture are One
Vedic Origins of the Europeans

Is this Racism?

The Order of the Northern Way and its Sub-Orders are not in any way racist or “white supremist.” Humans don’t have to hate other races just to be proud of their own. Pride does not equal hate, if someone can’t tell the difference between the two, they have a problem. In fact if someone calls us racist, they are sadly misguided and need to look up the word “racism” in a dictionary. What we are doing is what thousands of native americans, africans, chicanos, and other cultures are doing: desperately trying to preserve our ancestral religious ways before they are lost in the growing “mono-culture” of greed, consumerism and de facto Judeo-Christian-Islam religion. Again, we are not against Judeo-Christian-Islam—the founder of this Order, Dr. Katia, is also a Christian Adept and schooled in Jewish Kabbalah, and several of our instructors are also Judeo-Christians. No Muslim instructors at this time, but we’ve got just about everything else! Those who practice Kristianity and pre-Christian European traditions are called Dual Faithers, because they hold a dual faith. Historically, there was a Dual Faith period in Europe, ending when the Viking Age ended, at around 1100 A.D. when the last pagan country of the North (Norway and Sweden) fell under the popular trend and converted to Christianity, the prosperous economical religion up from Rome.

The Order of the Northern Way is about celebrating and preserving our cultural and religious differences while always remembering our similarities as human beings and fellow creatures on this same Organic Rock, Earth. (see painting below).

There are several versions of the Code of Nine, also commonly known as the Nine Noble Virtues.

This version is espoused by the Har Godhi (means High Chieftan-Priest) of Northvegr, Hringari Odinnsen of Sweden.

Some of you in the Order of the Northern Way are already, or are becoming, a Godhi (GO-thee) or Gythia (GITH-ya), Druid or Druida (Droo-EE-da). Some of you are shamans or other earth-based practitioners, but for all of us, the Code of Nine, use by our pre-christian European Ancestors is potent and worthy of study. We encourage you to memorize it and teach it to your students and/or children.

We feel, as Hringari Godhi does, that the following version of the Code of Nine is best descriptive of “the Way” of Celtic and Teutonic European heathenism.

  • THE CODE IS TO HONOR- Honor yourself with truth and fairness. Your word is your bond, give your word power by adhering to it. Honor your family and friends with reverence and respect. Honor your love and the way above all else. Honor is the mark of strength and nobility.
  • THE CODE IS TO PROTECT- Protect with savagery your blood and kin. Let no one or nothing violate your love or the way. Let there always be inequity in defense. Always protect thrice as fiercely as one is attacked. Protection is the mark of a warrior spirit.
  • THE CODE IS TO FLOURISH- Prosperity and growth are key to the survival of the way. Such is the mark of intelligence.
  • THE CODE IS KNOWLEDGE- Knowledge is power. Seek ever to expand the mind. Never stagnate, for knowledge is a gift from the Gods.
  • THE CODE IS CHANGE- Adapting and changing are important for growth and survival. That which cannot adapt or change is doomed to perish. Change is the mark of insight.
  • THE CODE IS FAIRNESS- Pay all debts, pull your own weight, always hear and consider all sides. Treat all others with equity and fairness. Expect the same.
  • THE CODE IS BALANCE- Remember the Law of balance; All that which you do or wish for, good or ill, shall return to you one day. Strive for the good.
  • THE CODE IS CONTROL- Never lose control to anger or be baited by hostility. Never strike a woman unless your very life hangs in the balance. Never violate the weak or innocent. Never tolerate those who do. Control is the mark of a disciplined mind, a sign of the greatest of warriors.
  • THE CODE IS CONFLICT- Those who follow the way must know the art of combat, weapons, and vengeance. War is a part of the path. Always be prepared for hostility. It is a destiny woven into the fibers of our people. Keep body, mind, and training up at all times. Have no remorse in the savagery of conflict. Win, prevail, and survive.