The Shadow selfRead chapter 10 of Oak, Ash and Thorn:  The Shadow Self (pages 161-165), then answer the following questions. Copy the questions below into an email, then insert your answers and email to the Mystery School with OAT 10 from ____________ (your magikal name) in the subject line. Be sure to do the exercises, too, and report on them in the same or a different email, whichever is easier.

Please note: the journey in this chapter requires a time of fasting; be sure to follow these recommendations before taking the journey!


1.   Describe the shadow self.

2.  T/F Not everyone has a shadow self.

3.  Why would one want to hide positive characteristics?

4.  T/F The shadow self can be eliminated completely.

5.  How is the shadow self weakened?

6.  Why is the shadow self important for shamanic work?

7.  What is the shadow self’s motivation?

8.  T/F The shadow self complements and strengthens us.

Exercise 1:   List in your journal some of your shadow attributes. Let us know you’ve completed this.

Exercise 2:   Do the Shadow Self Journey on pages 164-5. Be sure to follow the guidelines on page 163 (which include a partial fast).

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