Celtic Warrior by James WappelRead Chapter 12:  By Stone and Omen Stick, pages 183-200 in By Oak, Ash and Thorn. Then answer the following questions and do the two exercises. Copy and paste the questions to an e-mail and send it to the Mystery School with the subject line OAT 12 from ________ (your magikal name).

1.  What is Cerridwen’s Cauldron?

2.  Describe Imbas Forosnai.

3.  Describe Dichetal do Chennaib.

4.  Describe Tenm Laida.

5.  What does it mean to “divine”?

6.  Give some examples of types of divination.

7.  T/F The word “druid” probably comes from the word for “oak-seer”.

8.  How were the ogham symbols used?

9.  T/F Crystals are used in magik worldwide.

Exercise 1:  Remember the ogam cards you made in the initiatory lessons? Take out the ones with the name of the letter on the front. Draw the symbol on the front of the card, next to the name of the letter. Then write the correspondences on the back. Add 5 additional cards for the “combination” letters used in this book (which weren’t part of the initial ogam letters memorized). Be sure to write down their correspondences as well. No need to repeat your work here, just let us know you’ve done this exercise.

Exercise 2:  Do the Omen Journey on pages 199-200. Give a brief report. If the god/goddess gave you a stone divination, give an explanation of what you think it means.

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