Celtic Animal WisdomRead Lesson 15: Kin with Fur, Feather, and Fin, pages 219-230 in By Oak Ash and Thorn, then answer the following questions, do the two exercises. Copy and paste the answers in an e-mail to the Mystery School, and send in the answers with the following subject line: OAT 15 from _________ (your magikal name).

1. What is shape-shifting?

2. Do you believe that warriors practiced magick in some form until the late Middle Ages? (Note from Initiate Deborah, author of this lesson:  This would include the time of the Knights Templar; the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance around 1500 CE, so 1307-1500 would correspond to the late Middle Ages. DJ Conway is saying that warriors performed magick during the time of the Knights Templar. Just making some connection between our various Mystery School Orders…)

3. Why would a shaman need to shape-shift?

4. What is fith-fath?

5. A firm knowledge of the _________ is important to understanding _____________ or ___________.

6. T/F Shamans should not shape-shift too often.

Exercise 1: Briefly note the characteristics of 5 animals you’ve seen in Otherworld journeys. If you haven’t seen at least 5, fill in the list with animals that seem to “speak” to you as you read through the listing of animals on pages 222-228.

Exercise 2: Take the Shape-Shifting Journey on pages 228-229. Give a brief report of your experiences.

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