Mother by PeterKuperRead Chapter 16: One With All Creation, pages 231-237 in By Oak Ash and Thorn, then answer the following questions. Copy and paste these to an e-mail and send it in to the Mystery School with the following subject line: OAT 16 by __________ (your magikal name).

1. T/F All Creation is connected. True

2. The Celtic shaman’s place in our modern confusion is to first _________ her/his own ____________, and therefore ______________, to all things.

3. In what order does the shaman impact his/her world?

4. T/F True shamans seek publicity for their “cause”.

5. What types of troublemakers should shamans avoid?

6. Should shamans “visit” outer space? Why/why not?

7. T/F Shamans stand in judgment against those who harm the earth.

Exercise 1:  Do the Traveling the Universe journey on pages 236-237. Give a brief report.

Exercise 2:  Do the Earth Healing Journey on pages 236-237. Where did you go? What did you do? Why? This exercise should spur you on to action to help the earth in your area. No need to feel discouraged and inadequate when you can start working in the Otherworlds to impact the earth!

Here is the lesson author’s report for Exercise 2 above:   “I went to a new Super Wal Mart in my area that was built in a marshy area. Run-off from the parking lot ends up in neighbor’s yards. I sopped up some petrochemicals from that area and tried to transmit a desire for understanding; the concern for the environment in this area is sadly lacking.”

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