Wizard in Winter from Fantasy CalendarLesson 7

Read Chapter 7, Celtic Shamanic Tools, in Oak Ash and Thorn by DJ Conway.

Copy the questions below into an email, then insert your answers and email to the Mystery School with OAT 7 from ____________ (your magikal name) in the subject line.


1. Write a brief outline about the following sacred tools of the Celtic Shaman: Blanket, drum, the silver branch, cloak, cauldron, dagger, sword, staff, shaman’s stone, crane bag, crystals, sacred fires.

2. Is it necessary to rush out and purchase every single ritual tool mentioned in the book?

3. How should you first go about seeking these tools?

4. The most important tools for a shaman cannot be purchased. What are they?

5. Do the Journey of Blessing on pages 122-124. Record your experiences and send them into the Mystery School.

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