Entity -- druid or deity shapeshifting or appearing as a birdRead Oak Ash and Thorn, Chapter 9:  Otherworld Allies

Copy the questions below into an email, then insert your answers and email to the Mystery School with OAT 9 from ____________ (your magikal name) in the subject line.  Be sure to do the three exercises and report on them, too.

1.  T/F Otherworld guides aren’t important to shamans.

2.  What form do otherworld guides often take?

3.  How do deities generally appear?

4.  T/F Celtic shamans communicate with the dead.

5.  Can plants be used as guides?

6.  Give some of the other names of the faery folk.

7.  What is second sight?

8.  What is “glamour”?

9.  T/F Clan totem animals may be the origin of heraldic devices used in the Middle Ages.

Exercise 1:  Choose 5 of the types of faery folk listed and describe each briefly.

Exercise 2:  Which animals on the list (pages 149-156) have you seen in your journeys? Are there any animals which have appeared in your journeys that are not on the list? If you haven’t seen any animals yet, choose 5 from the list and describe their characteristics.

Exercise 3:  Take the Vision Quest on pages 157-158. Report on your experiences.

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