Please read the article Druidism Guide Page One: Background written by world renowned British-Canadian Druid Cathbad (aka Brendan Myers) and then answer the following questions.

Copy and paste the questions and send them with your answers to MysterySchool with Druid 2 in the subject line.


1.  Druidism must be understood in the ______________ of the __________________ that created it.

2.  What seven roles did Druids fill?

3.  According to the author, how long could instruction and training take before a person became a Druid?

4.   Name six magikal powers which some Druids are described as having.

5.   T/F – According to the author, Druids ministered to congregations similarly to the way in which priests did and do.

6.   A Druid’s connection to _____________ is the ____________ of all their _____________, both in society and in magik.

7. Name eight of the traditional Celtic nations.

8. What kind of society was the Celtic culture?

9. Name eight specific classes in the old Celtic social order other than Druid.

10. T/F – Celtic laws did not include ways for anyone to move up or down the social hierarchy.

11. Celtic law also included what _____________ and ________________ were due to each person, and what kind of ____________________ could be given to criminals according to their ________________ (because more was expected from those who had more).

12. ______________ and ______________ were the primary keepers of the ____________, genealogies, laws, __________, _______________, and __________ of the Celtic people.

13. The Celtic noble class held the _______________ and ______________ power of the tribe.

14. Explain the concept of the “sacred king.”

15. T/F – In general, it is believed by historians that the Celtic people have always been in the areas of land where they currently reside.

16. When did the notion of “Druids” as a comprehensive religious and intellectual caste emerge?

17. What are the three main sources from which we can learn about the Druids?

18. The remains uncovered by archaeology speak to us not of events and people in Celtic history, but what ___________ was like, what their _______________ capability was, what ____________ they ate, what ___________ and _____________ they practiced, what _________ they made and traded, and where they ____________ and how they got there.

19. Why are facts about Celtic social life an important element for understanding Druidism?

20. T/F – Romans are usually understood as being “hostile witnesses” to Druidism.

21. Romans were often impressed by the Druids grasp of ____________________ and ________________ skill.

22. T/F – One Roman author, Diogenes, placed the Druids on a list of the ancient world’s wisest philosophers.

The next 6 questions (numbers 23-28) are matching.

Please match the following quotes to the Roman Author that wrote them.

23. _____ [attributes to Druids]…riddles and dark sayings; teachings that the gods must be worshipped, and no evil done, and manly behavior maintained.

24. _____ [Druids investigate] problems of things secret and sublime.

25. _____ notes not only their practical knowledge of natural phenomena, but also their pursuit of “moral philosophy.” He also writes that the Druids teach that “men’s souls and the universe are indestructible, though at times fire and water may prevail.”

26. _____ [The Druids are] philosophers and theologians…skilled in the divine nature.

27. _____ They can foretell certain events by the Pythagorean reckoning and calculations.

28. _____ [they have] much knowledge of the stars and their motion, of the size of the world and of the earth, of natural philosophy [physics].

[A] Diodorus

[B] Ammianus

[C] Julius Caesar


[E] Diogenes Laertius

[F] Strabo

29. T/F – In the author’s point of view, the worst sources for learning about the Druids is the mythologies.

30. In the mythologies we can read of what the Druids _____________, how they _______________, and what some of them _________________.

31. T/F – Even though the manuscripts that preserved the mythologies were written and edited by Christian monks, much of the original wisdom yet remains there.

32. Name the four chief myth cycles found in Ireland.

33. Where are the primary myths contained in Wales?

34. Why is it hard for the people of today to study the way of the ancient Druids?

35. Even though much of the teachings of the ancient Druids are lost, is it possible for the people of today to walk the Druid’s path?  If so, what is the one thing modern day people must do?  If not, why?

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