Please read the article Druidism Guide, Page Two CUSTOMS of Druidry, by Druid Cathbad and then answer the following questions.

Copy and paste the questions and send them with your answers to MysterySchool with Druid 3 in the subject line.

1. T/F – The mythologies record that there were no women who were Druids.

2. Celtic women enjoyed more freedom and rights than women in any other culture of that time, including the rights to ____________ __________, own and inherit ___________, trace her _______________ ____________ (through her mother’s family line), and ____________ and ________________ her husband.

3. T/F – Women were permitted to become “Fianna”.

Matching – match the following types of Celtic Marriage to its definition.

The Definitions

4. _____ apparently this is to protect the rights of children who might issue from a rape.

5. _____ the wife willingly elopes but her kin does not permit her to go.

6. _____ the man visits the woman who still lives with her own kin.

7. _____ the man brings little or nothing into the marriage.

8. _____ the woman brings little or nothing into the marriage.

9. _____ the man and woman contribute the same amount of property.

The Marriages

A) “union of woman on man’s property”

B) a less formal partnership

C) an abduction

D) a one night’s stand or “soldier’s” marriage

E) “union of joint property”

F) “union of man on woman’s property”

10. T/F – There is good reason to believe that Druidism was strictly and unilaterally patriarchal in ancient times.

11. Name the 8 misconceptions (or possible misconceptions) about Druidism listed in the article.

12. T/F – There is one universal symbol that represents Druidism.

Matching – match the following symbols that are commonly used by Druidism with it’s description.

The Descriptions

13. _____ A primary symbol of Druidism, however, each species known to the Druids had a specific meaning.

14. _____ Neo-lithic monuments typically have this symbol carved into the stones.

15. _____ An image of a male God with horns on his head.

16. _____ A circle intersected by two vertical lines.

17. _____ A simple geometric shape.

18. _____ A rounded spiral with three arms radiating from a central point turning counter clock-wise.

19. _____ A symbol probably introduced into Druidism by the Romantics, it stands for the Divine Feminine principle of fertility, corresponding by opposition to the God with the Horns.

20. _____ A Christian Cross with a circle surrounding the middle point where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect.

21. _____ Three upright bars with the tops of the outer two bars leaning toward the top of the center bar.

22. _____ To the Celts, it was the seat of the soul.

The Symbols

A) The Awen

B) The Circle

C) The Celtic Cross

D) The Druid Sigil

E) The Crescent Moon

F) The God with Horns

G) The Head

H) The Spiral

I) The Triskele

J) The Tree

K) Long white beards

23. T/F – The numbers 3 and 5 are usually more significant then the number 4 in Druid Magik.

24. The ritual “__________”, “__________”, or between place is central to old Druid magik.

25. Name nine items that are ritual implements that the Druids used or may have used.

Research Project (Required)

One of the customs of Druidry was to recite poems, prayers, and songs during rituals. Go on-line or to your local library and find one or two (or more) Celtic poems/prayers or songs that speak to you. Send a copy of what you find along with where you found it (name of book or URL) along with a brief essay answering the question of why and how these spoke to you. Please make it at least a paragraph (more than 4 sentences) long.

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