Celtic Priestess by James WappelRead chapter 11 of OAT: The Shattered Soul (pages 167-180), then answer the following questions. Copy and paste the questions and send them to the Mystery School with the following subject line: OAT 11 from ___________ (your magikal name)

1. Shamanism fosters the belief that humans have a _____-___________ _________ within their _______ that can free them from _________ or _________ by others.

2. What is soul-retrieval?

3. T/F Shamans can demand that someone’s soul return to the body.

4. Is soul-loss the same as possession?

5. How does the shaman retrieve lost soul parts?

6. T/F Shamans should not attempt a face-to-face healing session with someone who is mentally unstable or using drugs.

7. T/F Shamans should do all the work of healing; the person receiving the healing doesn’t need to work with the shaman.

8. To where do the souls of the deceased go, in Irish Celtic mythology?

9. The shaman is merely a _________ of the _______, a __________ __________ and ________, the majority of whose work takes place in the ___________.

10. What must a shaman keep most of all?

Exercise 1: Do the first Mending the Soul-Self exercise on page 173. Give a brief report.

Exercise 2: Do the second Mending the Soul-Self exercise on pages 178-9. Give a brief report.

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