Read Lesson 13: Weaving the Web, pages 201-212. Then answer the questions and do the exercise below. Copy and paste the questions into an e-mail and send to the Mystery School with the subject line OAT 13 from _____________ (your magikal name).


1. T/F Dreams were no big deal to the Celts.

2. What is a satire?

3. What is a poppet?

4. T/F The Celts used astrology.

5. What are some of the purposes of cord magick?

6. What are the 4 airts?

7. How do shamans use the four cardinal directions in workings for different purposes?

8. T/F Druids and shamans can have control over the elements.

9. Calling the Airts is a way of __________ ___________ for and ________ _______ from the powers connected with each __________.

10. T/F Once you have called the Airts for help in a working, you need to be sure to dismiss them.

Exercise: Do the Element Meditation on pages 205-209. Give a brief report.

Arian by James Wappel
Pictured Above.  Arian by James Wappel.  She is a Celtic goddess, her name often spelled Arianrod or Arianrhod.  Notice the Zodiac signs around her and that she is the Moon.

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