Read Chapter Three in the book, “By Oak, Ash and Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism.”

Chapter 3 – Hidden Seeds

Cut and paste the following questions into an email, add your answers, and send to MysterySchool with the subject line “OAT 3 CeltShamanism from _________ (your magikal name)”

1. The oldest Irish narrative literature was in ____________________ form, but the earliest written literature is _____________________.

2. T/F – Until the Tuatha De Danann arrived in Ireland, there was no clear mention of the use of magik.

3. Who were the three Goddesses that were said to have worked the weather to conceal the arrival of the Tuatha De Danann?

4. Going up to the top of a high mountain is a symbolic description of what?

5. What does the Upper World represent?

6. When entered with the correct _________________ and ___________________ attitudes, the Upper World is a source of accurate _______________________, __________________, and _____________________.

7. The Celtic word for a shamanic or spiritual journey into the Upper World is ________________________, which means “_______________.”

8. T/F – Soul Retrieval is a common task of the Shaman.

9. T/F – Working with elemental powers was an art known only by shamans.

10. T/F – According to the author – In shamanic calling there is never an event that signals to a person that they are being called into the practice or that they have come to the attention of a higher power.

11) While traveling in an Otherworld realm, it is sometimes necessary for a shaman to temporarily _____________________ _______________ ____________, either to insure their safety or to facilitate the gaining of knowledge.

12) What does the year and a day period of time refer to?

13) T/F – Shape shifting is an important power when traveling in certain sections of the Otherworld or wishing to pass unnoticed in this realm.

14) T/F – While in the Otherworlds the shaman is not held to ordinary methods of movement.

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