the World Tree by Peter KuperLesson 6

Read Chapter 6, “The Celtic Shaman’s World, ” in Oak Ash and Thorn by DJ Conway.

Copy and paste your answers and email to the Mystery School with “OAT 6 from  __________ (your magikal name )”  in the subject line.

1. The work of a shaman is primarily performed in dimensions of being other than the physical ones humans generally acknowledge. What must a shaman first do to be able to journey to these other dimensions?

2. What must be temporarily suspended in order for this mystical experience to occur?

3. What happens if the shaman cannot form a bridge between this world and the otherworld?

4. What is the reason for the experience of spiritual “madness?”

5. What does the shaman gain by drinking from the Otherworld Cauldron?

6. Why does the Welsh Bard, Taliesin, warn against drinking from the Cauldron if one does not have Truth in their heart?

7. What are the names of the three Otherworlds?

8. Why is it important for the images in meditation or journeying to be “solid?”

9. What is the “World Tree” and why is it important for the Shaman to be acquainted with it?

10. T/F The Underworld is the equivalent of the Christian “Hell.”

11. T/F The Underworld is a place of renewal and new beginnings.

12. T/F It is believed that the Underworld is the “real” world, and that humans live only in the shadow realm.

13. What is the “Well of Segais” and where is it located?

14. What is the name of the Underworld?

15. What is the name of the Middleworld.

16. What is the name of the Upperworld?

17. What might you sense, or feel, during a shamanic trance?

18. Why is it a good idea to ground yourself after a journey by eating a light snack?

19. What are the Upperworld, Middleworld and Underworld all conceived of as being?

20. What do each of the eight spokes represent?

The World Tree in Teutonic Tradition is called Yggdrasil and has noticable under, middle and upper worldsEssay Questions:

1. A shaman must be able to laugh and cry at the stupid things humans do, yet care enough for them to journey to the other realms to bring back healing for body, mind and spirit. What does this mean to you?

2. The eight directions correspond to the eight Pagan festivals. Briefly describe the festivals which represent the four cardinal directions.

Briefly describe the festivals which represent the four cross-quarter directions.

Perform the following journeys, no more than one per day. Record your impressions and share them with the mystery school. Also be sure to record them in your journal.

3. Glimpsing the Otherworlds: Do the journey described on pages 85-87, and write your impressions and experiences. Describe your “center pole.” Was your journey colored by a previous belief system? Were you able to see the Underworld, Middleworld and Upperworld?

4. Do your journey to Annwn, the Underworld (pages 91-93). Record your impressions.

5. Do your journey to Gwynvyd, the Upperworld (pages 95-96). Record your impressions.

6. Do your journey to Abred, the Middleworld (pages 100-101). Record your impressions.

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