ONW | Operant Hexology Lesson


You will need the book Northern MagicThis is also Lesson 9 in our Teutonic Studies course; no need to repeat it
if you’ve already completed it.

Please read Chapter 9
“Operant Hexology”
in the book Northern Magic
by Edred Thorsson pages 145 – 167. Then cut and paste the questions below,
add your answers, and email to the
Mystery School with
“Hexology Answers” from __________  (your magikal name) in
the subject heading.

1. During the 1600s – 1800s the Germans settled in what states in the
United States?

2. Why is it that the Germans were able to maintain the practices they brought
with them until fairly recently?

3. The early German settlers brought with them two distinct magical heritages.
What were they?

4. What do Hex Signs have in common with the Galdor Staves?

5. What are the four steps of the Hex Sign ritual?

6. During which step is the Hex Sign charged?

7. What are the three major “parts of speech” in the language of
the hex signs?

8. Why must all hex signs be circular?

9. Why is the background color of the circle almost always white?

10. What are the four major ways to divide the hex-sign?

11. In looking at the patterns listed on pages 156 – 157 which pattern
would you choose to embody matters of prosperity and stability?

12. In looking at the signs on pages 158 – 160, which sign would you
choose to represent faith in oneself, what one does, and humanity.

13. Look at the completed hex signs on pages 163 – 167. Which shows
the inner spiritual world infused with dynamic spiritual life?


14. Some Hex Masters think that the colors of the Hex Sign are purely for
the sake of good looks, while others hold that the colors have special magical
significance. What is your opinion on this?

15. Design your own hex-sign, or draw one from the book. Go to Appendix C
– Construction of Hex signs, pages 219 – 225. Tell us what the
sign is for and why you decided on the symbols you chose. Also share any
experiences you had while making the hex sign.  Here’s a link to help
you design your
own hex sign
.  It has the symbols and their meanings.