ONW | Lesson 11, Northern Magic Series, The Germanic Role in the Western Tradition

Please read Chapter 11 “The Germanic Role in the
Western Tradition”
in the book Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson pages 183 – 191. Then cut and paste these questions and email to the
Mystery School with “Northern Magic Lesson 11 from __________” in the subject heading.

1. T/F – Germanic magical practices have greatly influenced Western Magic.

2. T/F – The Golden Dawn fought to keep Germanic Magical influences out of its philosophy.

3. What is one of the greatest contributions of Germanic Tradition to the tradition of magic?

4. Who was the author of “De Occulta Phlosophia (On Occult Philosophy) and what is the significance of the book?

5. Who is perhaps the greatest single figure of the magical tradition in the North and what was his contribution?

6. Who taught that all people possess an indwelling “spark of the divine”?

7. The Fraternity of the Rose Cross was a major school of esoteric thought in Germany during what period?

8. When and where did the first outward sign of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross appear?

9. What were the aims of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross?

10. Who is Dr. Faustus? Why is he important in Germanic magical history and what major archetype does he embody?

11. What is the essence of the Faustian path?

12. This order remains the most important exponent of the Western Magical Tradition in Germany.

13. Who founded the Fraternity of Saturn, and when?

14. The Fraternity of Saturn embodies which magical principles? .

15. The Fraternity of Saturn is compared to which Anglo-American occult group.