ONW | Lesson 12, Northern Magic Series, Revival of the Northern Way

Please read Chapter 12 “The Revival of the Northern
in the book Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson pages 193-211. Then cut and paste these questions and email to the
Mystery School with “Northern Magic Lesson 12 from __________” in the subject heading.

1. Why is the “revival” of the Northern Way really more of a “reawakening?”

2. What is the difference between “Fact” and “Myth?”

3. What two major events happened in Uppsala, Sweden?

4. Throughout the medieval period, vast amounts of data were being stored and preserved, much of it in monasteries. Give an example of one such work, it’s author and when it was written.

5. Who was the first “high priest” of Gothicism?

6. Who succeeded Magnus, and why was he considered such a remarkable man?

7. When and where was the Gothic League formed, and what was its aim?

8. When was the League of Manhem founded and what was its aim?

9. Who are the “Brothers Grimm” and why are they important to the old Germanic ways?

10. After World War II why was serious interest in Germanic spirituality slow to reemerge?