Northern Magic
Lesson 2

The Northern Magician

Please read the very short Chapter 2, “The Northern Magician”  in the book Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson. Then cut and paste the questions below and email to Mystery School with Northern Magic Lesson 2 from ________ (your magikal name)  in the subject heading.

 –Questions by Mark Raines and Dr. Katia

1.  T/F – The godhi is more a magician than a priest.

2.  What is the word for a female teutonic priest?

3.  What is the word for “wise one”?

4.  What must a practitioner of the Northern Way do before initiation?

5.  T/F – Woden is the god of seith.

6.  What is the goal of a galdor?

7.  Choose between Woden and Freyja and write a one page (250 to 300word) essay on the mythology surrounding them.

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