Northern Magic Lesson 6
The Troth

Please read the Chapter 6 “The Troth” in the book Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson pages 41– 56. Then cut and paste these questions and email to Mystery School with“Northern Magic Lesson 6 Answers” in the subject heading.

1. Odinism, Asatru and Troth are all words for what?

2. What does “Troth” mean in English?

3. Name the famous brothers who authored folktales that embody the ancient lore of the Troth.

4. At the close of the __________ there was a worldwide upsurge of interest in the Teutonic religious traditions.

5. Name the legally recognized church in the United States that is based on this Teutonic religion.

6. This religion is made up of two distinct factors or elements. What are they and why are they so important?

7. Name the chief way in which the path of the Troth is practiced and the Gods and Goddesses are honored.

8. Why did the timing of the holidays vary from tribal region to tribal region?

9. List the eight major holidays and the time of year they fall into.

10. Which holiday is the Norse New Year?

11. Which holiday is the celebration of the final victory of the sun in the cycle of the year, and is said that on that night many wondrous things can happen?

12. What is the main kind of ritual usually performed during these festivals?What does it mean? What did it mean to the Teutons?

13. Following the example on page 51 and 52, perform your own blessing ritual.Then give a brief summary, describe your feelings.

Questions by Vitki Deanna Moon, aka Dolphin Medicine

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