ONW | Lesson 7, Northern Magic Series, Runes and Rune-Galdor of the Viking Age




Rune Galdor Northern Magic
Lesson 7A

Runes & Rune-Galdor of the Viking Age



Please read the first part of Chapter 7 “Runes and Rune-Galdor of the Viking Age” in the book, pages 57– 68. Then cut and paste these questions and email to
MysterySchool with “Northern Magic Lesson 7a from __________” in the subject heading.

1. What time period is known as the Viking Age?

2. It was the age when the mysteries of the _________________________________________were the established way the true ____________________________________ encoded their secrets.

3. What is a Viking?

4. What does “Rune” mean?

5. Originally the word comes from an ancient root meaning _________________________________________________________

6. What are the two different edges to the word “rune.”

7. What is it that pulls ever onward to new adventures, new frontiers, and new discoveries?

8. What does our intuitive sense show us? And why is it so important?

9. T/F It is this universal mystery that was comprehended by the ancient Teutons and intuitively systematized and culturally encoded in the runic tradition.

10. T/F The power of the Runes lies in its ability to spur seekers onward.

11. T/F The seeker on the Northern Path seeks no end, so measures success in progress made.

12, T/F The Rune is simply a letter, or character, in an alphabet.

13. What are the three elements, or aspects, that every rune is made up of?

14. Which element of the Rune is compared to “The Word of God.”

15. How many Runes are in the Elder Futhark? ______ How many Runes in the Younger Futhark? _______

16. Which system of Runes was actually used during the Viking Age

17.  FUN EXERCISE:  Visit this
PBS Runes page or this Museum of Natural History
Write your name
in Runes page
and type your name into the special window.  Your name should then come up in Runes.  Read the article on the page while you’re at it.

Questions by Vitki Deanna Moon