ONW | Lesson 7B, Runes and Rune-Galdor of the Viking Age, Lore of the Younger Futhark




Northern Magic
Lesson 7B

Lore of the Younger Futhark, Part I



Please read the second half of Chapter Seven, “Runes and Rune-Galdor of the Viking Age”  starting at the heading “Lore of the Younger Futhark. ” Pages 69-101. Then cut and paste these questions and email to MysterySchool with “Northern Magic Lesson 7b from ________ ” in the subject line.

1. Which Rune implies both great prosperity and the peace such will bring?

2. Which Rune tells us that degeneration must often take place before regeneration?

3. Which Rune is the vital organic energy of life and the power which organizes and holds life together.

4. This is the Rune of organic life itself and of the pathway to and from that state of being.

5. Magically, this Rune is most beneficial as a guiding beacon to higher goals of consciousness.

6. Which Rune is the cosmic seed of the beginnings of all things?

7. Which is the Rune of Odhinn?

8. Which is the Rune of mobile in the world?

9. This Rune is a model of the divine structure present in the psychic makeup of humans and the reflection of that structure in the social, political, and religious models humans shape and reshape for themselves.

10. This Rune is full of tension, of potential energy just waiting to be released.

11. Which Rune consolidates and solidifies the ego-consciousness?

12. This Rune refers directly to the God of law and order in the cosmos.

13. Which Rune, if “tamed” is a powerful form of aggressive defense?

14. This is the Rune of transformation and becoming.

15. Which Rune, in the practice of magic, is useful as a force to guide magical energies along their right pathways?

16. Which Rune reflects the principle of resistance or friction in the world?


17. Practice writing out the different Rune symbols. Take your time, meditate on them. Then tell of your experiences during your meditation.

Questions by Vitki Deanna Moon