Northern Magic Lesson 7D, Rune-Work, Rune-Casting and Rune-Galdor




Rune work, rune casting, rune galdor Northern Magic
Lesson 7D
Rune-Work, Rune-Casting & Rune-Galdor



Please read the last part of Chapter 7 titled Rune-Work, Rune-Casting & Rune-Galdor, pages 101 – 119. Then cut and paste these questions and exercises in an email.  Send to

MysterySchool with “Northern Magic Lesson 7D from ___________” in the subject heading.

1. What is the definition of “taufr”?

2. T/F Runic Talismans are best carved in wood.

3. T/F Runic Talismans written on paper will not work at all.

Exercises:  (You can

email the exercises separately if you want to, just be sure to put NorthernMagic 7D Exercises or exercise number such and such in the subject line)

1.  As the book suggests, spend one to nine days with each Rune. Hear its message to you. Pay attention to any feelings or messages you receive. Are you connecting with them? Keep a journal of these workings. When finished send a brief report to the Mystery School.

2.  Start practicing your Rune-casting with the Threefold Nornic Method. Practice on your friends. Try to do a couple of Rune-castings per week. If you run out of friends to practice on, ask a Mystery School member who will be glad to volunteer.

3.  Arrange your own Rune magical formula. Write a report and send it to the MysterySchool.

4.  Visit

The Rune Site  for thorough instructions on choosing a rune set, making a rune set and most fun of all:  how to cast the runes, layouts, etc.

5.  Go to’s Rune Readings and cast the runes instantly!  Get a free reading just like that.  It’s kinda fun!  Tell us if you thought the reading it gave you does indeed mean something to your current situation, life, work. Play around with the various kinds of runes they have on — gold, ice, jade, spirit runes, etc.

Extra Credit Exercise:

If you are able to, rist your own set of Runes. Follow the instructions in the book. This is a wonderful way to connect with the energy of Rune Magick.

Questions by Vitki Deanna Moon