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The Magic of Icelandic Galdor – Staves

Please read Chapter 8 “The Magic of Icelandic Galdor – Staves” in the book Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson pages 121 – 144. Then cut and paste these questions and email to
MysterySchool with “Northern Magic Lesson 8 Answers” in the subject heading.

1. What are Galdor-Staves?

2. T/F Galdor-Staves often have something to do with Tarot Cards.

3. How is the sign charged

4. Most of what we know of the use of galdor-staves comes from what Icelandic book of magic?

5. List the three kinds of galdor-staves

6. What does Aegishjalmur mean?

7. Which mythic power has the helm of awe been associated with?

8. Why is making new signs not recommended for the beginner?

9. Why is it so effective to conceal the overt magical meaning of a magical sign or inscription?


10. Look over the staves on pages 141-144. Choose two different staves to draw and work with. Take care in planning, choosing one to work with in the evening and one to work with during the daylight. Pay attention to your feelings as you work with your chosen stave. What differences did you notice with working with one during night, and the other during the day. Email the mystery school with your experience.

Here’s another link on staves, risting, and

Questions by Vitki Deanna Moon