How to submit Lesson Answers How to ask the Instructor a Question

•Go to the MysterySchool’s Ning Forum

•Go to your personal Member Files “Group”

•Post your answers in the “Discussions” area. For new members you should see a “discussion” entitled “Post Catechumen Lesson Answers Here”. If you don’t see such a “discussion”, you may create one by clicking on [+Start Discussion]. Post your answers as part of that discussion.

•If you are lost or confused, try posting a question in the comment wall or send Bishop Katia an email through Ning. If you are completely lost email Bishop Katia here.

•You may also try emailing other members you see on Ning. You might even catch one in the chat window to chat with who can help you with some of these logistics questions. The member named “Haylel” is a Ning expert, and a good one to ask if Bishop Katia is unavailable.

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Shortcut: Bookmark your Member Files “Group” page, so you can get there quickly to submit lesson answers.

If you don’t have a Member Files Group in Ning, and you are a dues-paying member, you should: email your instructor to remind her to create you one. Note: Bishop Katia will send you an Invite through Ning. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.

•Go to the MysterySchool’s Ning Forum

•Scroll down, look on the right for the word “About”

•Click on Bishop Katia’s picture

•Click on Send Message under her picture

•Ask your question and send

•If you are completely lost email Bishop Katia here.


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