Modern freemasons in EnglandThe Freemasonry, Templar Heirs course will have more classes added to it in the future.  For now please complete the book study portion using Born in Blood:

Born in BloodRead the new classic book, Bornin Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry  by John J. Robinson and complete these lessons based upon it.

These segments to Freemasonry, Templar Heirs are coming soon… (feel free to choose one or more of them for your 2nd Degree research project!)

1.  When did Freemasonry start calling themselves Knights Templar, and why? Were they correct — or claiming lineage they didn’t have?

2.  Read and review one of Stephen Dafoe’s new Masonic books

3.  Masonic symbols, secrecy and the sacred.  Sacred Geometry,secret symbols.

4.  Masonic rituals, the famous “Third Degree”.  Are you “on the level?” Are you “being square” with me?