PROJECT CULTURE WAR:  Become a CultureGuardian, a Culture Warrior.  Take up the good fight in the CultureWar in the following ways:

Record advertizers during a perverted, twisted, or violent television show.  Write to them and threaten boycott. Another idea is to write to talk show hosts, both radio and those daytime television morning “Today” type shows.  Your local TV stations produce morning and sometimes lunch time shows.  Email them about a vile video/computer game (like Grand Theft Auto) explaining how harmful it is.  For example, tell them about a kid you know got sucked into it and is now a recluse who wouldn’t know how to catch a ball to save his life. Talk show hosts love this kind of stuff and they have the audience to make a difference.   Report to us on your findings so we can join in your effort of boycotting. Organize a letter/email writing campaign based on your information.  Put Culture War Boycott in the subject line.  If you design your own letter writing campaign as Sir Melchior did in Fall of 2006, for example, please post about it to our New Templars forum so members can join.  Sir Melchior made letter writing campaigns on two websites.  One was trying to make English the official language in the USA to protect the linguistic heritage of the country, and one was boycotting goods from China since they still to this day use slave labor as most of their labor force.

PROJECT CAUSE:  Choose another causein this world.  Lord knows there are many causes needing stalwartnon-cowardly fighters such as yourself to champion them.  You are awalker of the warrior path, so use that skill to help get things done, tomake things happen — or at the very least to get your voice heard.  Ifno one says anything about some injustice it is almost as bad as if no onedoes anything to correct an abuse or injustice.  Sometimes getting themessage out, making at least one voice be heard (yours), is just as importantas actually fighting a battle, just as important as healing the suffering and abused, as important as protectingthe endangered.  Design a letter-writing campaign or some other formof activism.

You need to read two books and send in two book reports to fulfil thisrequirement.  Choose any book on the Templars (except those by Butler& Dafoe) and write a book report.  There are a zillion to choosefrom.  Some are definitely speculation and full of historical inaccuraciessuch as the Templar Revelation, but there are some good ones, too.  Goto your bookshelf, or go to and do a search with the term “Knights Templar”.  Here are some other members have used, but you areallowed to choose a book not shown here….

The Templars and the Grail a non-fiction easy to read, enjoyable. Click below to read more about it
The Templars and the Grail by Karen Ralls, called a “must read” to anyone interested in the western mysteries
The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia click on title below for more info
Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet: The Secret Naval War Between the Knights Templar and the Vatican

Also — there are some cool fiction books about the Templars by Bishop KatherineKurtz (who emailed Bishop Katia a couple years ago to thank her for promoting themon our website). Go thou to andtype in Katherine Kurtz and Knights Templar — they should all come up, but some of them are shown below.You can use one of thesefor your assignment above, but the other book report should be on a non-fictionbook about the Templars.

The Apocalypse Door click below to read more
The Apocalypse Door a thriller about a modern day Knight Templar sent on special missions — and a “nun with a gun” who helps him solve a mystery. Crusade of Fire click below to see inside, read a summary and reviews
Crusade of Fire, Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar, book 3 in Katherine Kurtz’s Templar Tales series Tales of the Knights Templar, by Katherine Kurtz
Tales of the Knights Templar edited by Katherine Kurtz The Temple and the Crown by Katherine Kurtz, click below to see inside, read a summary
The Temple and the Crown, book 2 by Katherine Kurtz The Temple and the Stone, click below to read more
The Temple and the Stone, book 1 of Katherine Kurtz’s series, but the most boring! Don’t read this one first or you’ll not want to read the other much better ones. On Crusade more Tales of the Knights Templar, click below to read more about it
On Crusade, More Tales of the Knights Templar by Katherine Kurtz The Templar Treasure, click below to read more
The Templar Treasure (The Adept)