SMONKT – Second Degree Research Project

Round Templar Church in London (mentioned in DaVinci Code)This is perhaps the most  unpopular part of the 2nd Degree study hall.  Think of it as part of the hard work to get to the 3rdDegree.  You are “getting the 3rd Degree” soon, and this is leading up to it.

You choose your topic, search around on the Internet and in books, design some lessons, or a mini-course — that is what we like for research projects.But if you don’t feel up to designing a mini-course, you can simply write a research paper following the traditional rules for research papers. (Writing lessons is more fun!)

Don’t try to think of your topic right away when you first enter the 2ndDegree hall.  Wait until you are in the middle of working on its lessons and reading assignments.  An inspiring Templar topic will probably come to you.