THIS IS A PAGE MEMBERS NEVER SEE. IT WAS A ROUGH DRAFT FOR ME IN JAN 2007Sofia Goddess of Wisdom & Humanity. Stands in the public square in Sofia, Bulgaria

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BELOW INSTRUCTIONS ARE TAKEN FROM MAC EMAIL INBOX Templar 3rd Deg Init Instructions for +Katia, retr’d 2010-May-16

Send them to Preparation Page:

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When you get email from member saying, “ARE YOU ONLINE?” Verify with him/her that s/he is still online and if they say, Yes. Send the following two lines in an email.

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Click above and answer the question on that page…

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If they answer back with the three correct passwords, rosecross8, theotokosarise, hattin, you then send them the following two lines in an email:


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Now you the Receptor will be on the lookout for the Examination return form coming in from the website (it’s a cgi form). When you get it, grade it, then if s/he passes the exam, send the following email:

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Click here:

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The above page then clicks them thru all the way to the end of the initiation. The next time you hear from the initiate it will be their initiation report.

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A Test of Templarism

Do you have what it takes to be a real modern Templar?

1.  British statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke said:  “Allthat is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” As Templars we agree with his statement.

Tell one time that you did SOMEthing instead of nothing, to defend or fightagainst evil.

Do you have the spiritual make-up for this work?

1.  Who / what deity or deities do you worship or daily revere?

Do you have basic Templar know-how to deserve the designation “of theTemple” (aka Templar)?

1.  When were the Templars historically founded and by whom?

2.  Who was the last historical Grand Master and on what date was hecruelly executed?

3.  Who is SMONKT’s Grand Master, as in YOUR grandmaster?

4.  What was the mission of the original Templars?

5.  How does SMONKT attempt to carry on that same or very similar missiontoday?

6.  Why does SMONKT care about “regular” Christians, since as Templarswe are considered irregular, esoteric, alternative, even heretical Christians?It seems impossible to imagine fellowship with our exoteric brothers andsisters because they disapprove of us so much.  What hope do we haveof ever getting along with them, why do we feel a kinship to them? [Possible answers:  our great-grandmothers and great-grandfatherswere probably “strict Christians” of this type. The world’s consciousnesshas evolved beyond those days (we like to think!) and humanity as a wholeis slowly moving toward a deeper spiritual-religious experience. It started with avery few esoteric thinkers (philosophers, contemplatives) back in ancientGreece and India, grew to Europe and now around the world (the Far East hadtheir share of deep religion too, some would say the larger share!).  Althothe masses are still a mess, there is a large growing group of people whoseconsciousness has evolved to the higher newer levels.  This group willeventually make a critical mass and leap humanity’s “joint mind” into thenext level. Anyone reading this is one of the current group of spiritualadventurers advancing into new spiritual territory.  Evolve now! couldbe our motto.]

What does SMONKT see as a rising evil in this world and in fact, a resurgenceof the same enemy the Templars have been fighting since our inception? Doyou agree this is yet another clash of civilizations? Is there reason tomince words and say, oh no, this struggle is not against evil, not aboutreligion, not about spiritual warfare but about peace. Do you agree withthe idea that we must eschew all violence and go for peace and diplomacyeven when confronted with enemies sworn to destroy us? After all, Jesussaid love your enemies, turn the other cheek?

The Preceptory
We no longer call the next place you will go a “study hall”. It is the Preceptoryitself you now work in. A place where you will labor as a Templar in thismodern world. This work is not easy, few have the mnoral stamina to makeit this far pas the “fad” of being a Templar, past the political uncorrectnessof taking sides against a very real enemy.  Our current political climatein the modern western countries of the world is a mess of worldviews. People deny there is a clash of civilizations between Islam and theWest.  SMOKT sees their violent actions as a resurgence of our oldhistorical enemy, the Moslems, the Moors, those bent on remaking Europe (andnow the USA, too) into their vassal, their kingdom under a muslim dictatordespot so-called “prince” or imam.

Enter the Preceptory