GREAT TEMPLAR SECRET:  As you may know by now in your studies as a Templar, the Atbash Cipher proved that Baphomet was not some evil entity worshipped by the devil-worshipping Templars, but was a code word (a cipher) for the name,”Sophia.”  If you are not sure about this, please read this article by Warriors and Bankers author, Stephen Dafoe, Baphomet & the Atbash Cipher.  There is more about the whole Baphomet ruckus at:The Baphomet Mythos. And check this out How Atbash Cipherworks.

Sophia is a Judeo-Christian Goddess, often said to have “wed” Solomon, the famed king who built the Temple.  She is also the special Goddess revered by the historical Templars, and we Templars today.

Templarism is a form of esoteric Christianity, perhaps one could call it underground Christianity. Sometimes Templarism is inaccurately called gnosticism, later called downright heresy by the Church, as well we know. Secret “codes” and ciphers were used to conceal certain of their most”dangerous” doctrines, such as the existence of a co-Creator, a Goddess partnered with God the Father.  The great Goddess Sophia was this being, and it was she who incarnated as Mother Mary and perhaps Mary Magdalene, though it is unclear since both Mary and Mary Magdala lived at the same time. Some theories are that the Shekinah was Mother Mary and Sophia was Mary Magdalene.Surely it is not mere coincidence that both women bore the same name, “Miriyam,”later derived into “Mary” its Greek form.

We are Knights and Ladies of which Temple?  — Solomon’s Temple is the answer.  Who was this Solomon person?  Here is the official view of Solomon:

But we also know from lore and tradition (and the Old Testament!) that he was a Goddess worshipper.  Solomon and the mysterious Queen of Sheba had somethin’ goin’ on, and 1st Kings says he had 700 wives.

QUESTIONS.  Send to the School with “Atbash R+C Answers”in the subject line.

1.  Who was Solomon’s mother and what was she famous for? Extra credit: what does her Hebrew name mean?

2.  Who was Solomon’s father and what was he famous for? List anything unique you know or have read about him.

3.  Who was Solomon’s goddess?

4.  Much lore surrounds Solomon, he had “greater and lesser Keys”, Seals,Songs named after him.  What intrigues you the most about him?

5.  Find a picture on line of any of the above royals or of Sophia and send us the URL or the picture itself and we will add it below…

6.  Find an online article about any Baphomet theory (most of them are negative), send us the URL and a paragraph summary of what the page says.

7.  Challenge Project:  Do a search for Atbash Cipher and find at least one webpage that explains it.  Send us the URL and a paragraph summary of what the page says.
This picture hangs in the famous Louvre Museum, Paris
King David statue which stands in the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem
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