The Temple Mount

Not only is it the ancient dwelling place of God, called by kabalists the”Bedchamber of the Goddess,” but it is our spiritual power base and the placefrom which our very name is derived.  We are Templars, and we go back a long way…

Lesson A:  Location Theories, where did the real Temple stand on the Mount?

Lesson B:  How to Spiritually Travel to the Temple Mount

Coming Soon:  3 Lessons based on articles on the main page of, including
The Western Wall
Anthromorphic Temple Theory

LESSON A:  LOCATION THEORIES, Where did the Temple stand?
Please read the theories as to where the original Temple stood.  You can still “see” it there, gleaming away on the Astral plane.  Read the article and answer the questions below.Send your answers to the School with Temple Location answers in the subject line:

1) Where does the present day platform area of the Temple Mount lie?_____________.

2. The 2nd Temple was destroyed in:

a) 20 AD      b) 60 AD      c) 70 AD     d) 90 AD

3. One of the locations for the temple(s) is proposed to be the south of the Dome of the Rock, explain the reasons for this. (2-3 paragraphs)

4. Explain why the temple(s) were built on consecrated ground, why was it considered consecrated ground? (2 paragraphs)

5. T/F David bought the site for the temple from a Jebusite.

6. T/F  The Temple Mount is where Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac.

7. T/F  Yeshua cleansed and threw out the money changers three times.

8. How Many theories are proposed in the article for where the Temple(s)stood? Name them and explain.

9. After the Romans leveled the city of Jerusalem, to what god did they build a temple on the Temple Mount?

10. Why will the Muslim leadership not allow excavation on the Temple Mount?(1-2 paragraphs)