Warriors & Bankers: Lesson 10
The Templar Homeland?

Please read the Chapter 10 entitled The Templar Homeland? of Butler and Dafoe’s book, The Warriors and The Bankers

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers,then send to the Templar Officers with the subject line: “W & B Lesson 10 Answers from ______________ (your Templar name)”

Intriguing Fact: The Vatican is guarded by a cadre of men called the Swiss Guards, all of whom actually are from Switzerland.

1.  What was the area now known as Switzerland like back in 1307?

2.  Where did the Merovingians keep their chief mint?

3.  Acre fell in May, 1291.  What happened in August of that same year?

4.  Where might the design on the Swiss flag come from?

5.  In what ways is Switzerland unique among the nations today?

Warriors & Bankers Conclusions
Read the Conclusions section at the end of the book

ESSAY:  So, what do you think of Butler and Dafoe’s conclusions? They’ve said some pretty interesting and astounding stuff throughout the book, what are your thoughts?  Feelings?  Arguments?

Send your answer to the TemplarOfficers with the subject line: “W & B Conclusions Essay from__________ your Templar Name

Questions compiled by Lady Christine

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