Pictures of Templar Weapons

SWORD The two-edged sword is the Templar’s primary weapon.  Consider this Bible quotation about a two-edged sword used by God Almighty:  Rev.1:14-16
For a larger version of the sword and/or to order one go to this website.

MACE  The mace is the Templar’s secondary weapon, needed to fight armored opponents.

This is an iron mace with a single ball.  For more mace pictures,including some that have no chain (sort of like war clubs and war hammers) click here and scroll down to the mace section.

You can see the rounded kite-shape on these book covers,On Crusade, More Tales of the Knights Templar and TheTemplars and the Grail

Above Templar Shield is from This one isn’t quite the long slender rounded kite shaped shield, but it is also authentic.  So use what you wish for this one.


A Templar carried a large dagger and two smaller knives.  Here are some dagger replicas and historical knives, but you might want to search online for more pictures.


You can find several pictures of lances by going to this page and scrolling down about three quarters of the way: