The horse is sacred to the Templars, integral to their mission, and each Knight eventually is awarded 4 horses, which he must care for daily.  The Daughters of Tsion and the Clerics of Tsion (non-combatant males who do the same work as the Daughters of Tsion, rather than the work of the fighting Knights).

Attention Knights & Knightresses:   Choose a horse for your first initiation.  Look at pictures, go to a stable near you, search on the Internet and get ideas for your perfect idea of the battle horse.  Think cavalry charge, war horse, destrier.  You need choose / “design” only one horse now for your Initiation which happens on horseback in a special chamber.  The White Knights did not ride their warhorse to and from battle, instead they rode a palfrey horse or even a mule. It is like a racecar driver–he doesn’t drive his high-performance racecar to the track, instead taking the family car (palfrey) or pick-up truck (mule). Historically there were mules and lots of smaller riding horses in the Templar stables. Our recreated astral stables don’t have too many of these accessory horses because our knights can ride their war-horses everywhere they go.  Our horses are astral beasts and have renewing energy spells sung for them by the Daughters of Tsion.  Some of you true reconstructionists should feel free to use palfreys and mules, however.  Sir Hauk has a big gray mule he likes to ride occasionally, and a few pack mules, not to mention some smooth riding mares for transporting himself and his squires to and from the field.

Create and Describe your first Templar battlehorse to be used at your initation here.  And tell us his name. (War horses should be stallions).  Send your description to the Mystery School with “Postulant 5; My Initiation Horse” in the subject line.

Attention Daughters of Tsion, Clerics (male) of Tsion:  Your first initiation does not occur on horseback.  But please “visit” the Templar Stables, get familiar with the horses there. See the horses of some of the Knights, of our First Knight, etc.  Learn their names and get comfortable with the practice of praying for their health and strength. Eventually you will focus only on the horses of your chosen Knight. For now all the horses in the stables, especially those belonging to Knights without a partnered Lady, are partly your responsibility.

Exercise:  Find a horse figurine to put on your altar, especially for use during your Templar Initiation.  Non-combatants can put several, symbolizing the horses you spiritually care for.

Are we playing “pretend” here?  Yes.  Why?  Because the mind is the most powerful thing in the Universe and if enough people would practice the beautiful art of chivalry with its concepts of honor, loyalty and powerful religious faith, we would reach a point of critical mass—a meeting of the minds creates a healthy critical mass of good thoughts and behavior—and some balance might be restored to these tumultuous technological times.  Another T word is tense.  We live in tense times.  Chivalry and holy soldiery helps us take up the warrior’s standard and walk the path of the courageous, bringing into our lives ancient patterns of goddess, god, knight and lady—all balanced, all serene, all wise, all nurturing, and all protective.  What and whom do we protect?  Humankind:  the weak, those who need us. Our goal is like that of our Spiritual Grand Master Yeshua, and those other incarnations like him such as Buddha–to end suffering.  Intense visualization, “pretending” and imagination (“making images in the mind”) are powerful modes of creating positive events that manifest into the physical world.  We give them birth in our minds, in the astral realm, and they affect the physical world in which we live every day going quietly about our mundane business, knowing all the while we serve a far from mundane mission.  Mustn’t forget we are not the only ones doing this high form of religious-magik.  There are mal-adepts, those that embrace the destructive evil side of spiritual magik and thus create negative events.  They’ve been powerful for a long time, notice the negativity on this rock we call spaceship Earth. One of Yeshua’s reasons for taking the flesh was, “to destroy the works of the adversary, the Evil One.” (1 John 3:8)

Frater SNE’s Clydesdale “Issachar”

Here is one Daughter of Tsion’s visualization of visiting the Templar stables.

Today during my children’s nap time I took a journey to visit the stables of the Knights of Templar.

I found myself standing outside a large and beautiful stable. I was greeted by a stable hand. He took me inside. The stables were a long rectangular shape with a courtyard in the middle. I heard the name “Hermi” or “Hermes.” The first horse I met was a black one. Pure black, silken, shiney and huge. He nuzzled me and I was amazed at his beauty. I strolled through out the stables, and met many horses, silver grey dapples, bays, chestnuts, whites. All amazing creatures. There was a giant meadow toward the back.  –  Lady Deanna, now our Templar Under-Drapier

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