The Templar Rule of Order was a term meaning the rule book, or member handbook.  It used to be available only in French, and until recently we English-speakers had a hard time finding copies for our libraries.  Now, thanks to increased interest in the Templars, you can get a copy from Amazon!  And it’s not even expensive.  See:  Templar Rule of Order You do NOT have to buy this book to complete the lesson below.  We’re just including it here in case you want to dig deeper, or wish to increase your Templar library.

Read this article, “The Templar Rule of Order” – The rules and code of conduct the Templars lived by.

Please Note that as of July 1, 2005 that article is not available on  Here is an email explaining why:

Subj: RE: Article Removed from your website?
Date: 6/30/2005

If you do a search on Google for the Templar Rule of Order, you’ll find tons of places with it.

It was taken down until we can ascertain who is the copyright holder of the article.

I hope to have it back up soon.


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Please try to answer the questions below without the article above by searching around the Internet.  I did a Google search as Stephen describes in his email and it did yield good results. So you’ll have to work harder for these lesson answers, but Templars often fought when the going was rough.  Enemy combatants outnumbering them 3 to 1 were considered normal for Templars!

Cut and paste these questions, insert your answers, then send to the Mystery School with “Templar Postulant 6” in the subject line.

l.  In what language was the first Rule of the Order written?

2.  Who assisted in the writing of (basically wrote the whole thing) the Primitive Rule of the Order?

3.  Were children admitted into the Order?

4.  In what year was the Rule first written?  For how many years had the Templar Knights already existed when the Primitive Rule was finally written down?

5.  Were the Templars allowed to sit down during certain prayers?

6.  What one garment was reserved for Templars only?

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