Templar women did exist.  Thru prayers and support magiks the Daughters of Tsion send strength and actual life-power to their chosen knight as he fights on the battlefield.  The picture at right is called Answered Prayers and brings to mind the power of prayer magik.

We believe the Daughters of Tsion existed and historical records do show proof of several female Templars, listing them by name and even depicting them in a few drawings and religious art of the day (see left). Those few women Templars that history has recorded are the few that somehow couldn’t be hidden, that weren’t kept a secret, probably due to the need to recruit other women (always quietly) or due to their noble rank.  Several of the known female Templars were women of noble rank and others were sisters or daughters of male Templars.

The women in the Templars were called the Daughters of Tsion.  On the official books they were listed as Templar Clerics, Cistercian nuns or other nondescript titles.  The fact that having sex with a woman did not get a Templar expelled from the order and was considered almost a minor offense, gives support to the theory that women were not looked upon by the Templar authorities as dirty temptresses.

It is highly likely there were thousands of women in the Templars, just as many as the male fighters.  Women working with and balancing out men was a radical concept for a religious order posing as monastic.  The only way for the Templars to exist under Rome’s authority was to behave like a traditional celibate order. They could not (though Bernard tried) declare that Christianity has a sacred feminine, has a goddess, and that she should be honored via women priestesses as Christ is honored via male priests.

It is interesting that celibacy was NOT REQUIRED by the Catholic Church of its monks until the 1500’s!  The Templars were disbanded in 1307.  During their entire existence celibacy was not the rigid requirement it later came to be.  The orthodox Christian priests with whom the Templars had considerably more contact with in the Holy Land took wives and had children.  Marriage was considered wholesome and healthy, but sadly only by a few.  Templars considered it sacred also — the Sacred Marriage or Hieros Gamos.

We believe in the underground thread which has been whispered to initiates year after year for the past thousand years that women were a vital part of this fascinating and always mysterious order of esoteric Judeo-Christians. One meaning of the word esoteric is “inner” and the Templars were certainly deep within the inner circle of the Christian mysteries.

There are a few more intriguing tidbits below, and several more awesome paintings.

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Warrior Angels Among Us?
Archangel Michael is said to take bodily form from time to time in history, usually as a warrior.  He is often connected to the man on the right, St. George.  Both are shown  in art slaying dragons usually with their foot on the dragon or demon’s head.  (The dragon is not supposed to symbolize the beautiful fantasy creatures of Celtic lore.  In Christian lore it means a devil, demon or feeder of souls.) Anyway, AA Michael was born and lived as George and even took a wife, the legendary pious beauty, Princess Sabra.  Notice the body language at left.  She has either thrown herself into his arms or he has pulled her to him in a passionate gesture. This was no arranged marriage as was the prevailing custom of the day.  Their offspring were no doubt part of the hidden bloodline of the Grail.

Our Order of the Knights Templar, coupled with the Daughters of Tsion, the Ladies Templar, use sacred marriage techniques which join the combatant warrior with a supportive magik-working DoT thus creating an incredibly powerful Knight, who as long as he serves the mission of the Divine, is almost unstoppable.(Note: As you should know by now, some males perform the supportive role, they are called Clerics of Tsion and there are warrior Knightresses or Dame-Knights)

A Knight “invokes” his support priestess, his Daughter of Tsion.  Notice the blood on his sleeve and battered templar shield.  The Daughter of Tsion appears to resemble Mother Mary — has a halo, white headscarf and is wearing blue. This painting, called Invocation, is by James Wappel and is obviously the companion to his Answered Prayers above (top of page), and his The Battle Rages below.  But the exact meaning of what he had in mind painting this series is not quite clear, perhaps having to do with the plot of a fantasy novel. Please answer the following questions and then write one new question based on any of the various bits of information on this page.  Send it to the Mystery School with Templar Women #9 New Question in the subject line or in the email.  Then we will add it here…

1.  It has been documented that women participated in Templar life. What official positions did women in the Knights Templar organization hold?

2.  The sacred marriage is also called what? (answer is a Greek phrase)

3.  Was the Archangel Michael male or female? Whom did Michael marry? Did Michael have any off-spring?

4.  Was celibacy required by the Catholic Church of its monks during the templars’ time?

5.  T or F:   The man they called the “Second Pope” did try and declare that Christianity has a Goddess, a Sacred Feminine.

6.   As Christ is honored via male priests, a female priestess would symbolize what?

7. Fill in the blanks: Our Order of the Knights Templar, ______ with the Daughters of Tsion, the Ladies Templar, use sacred ______ techniques which join the _____ warrior with a supportive magik-working DoT thus _____ an incredibly powerful ______, who as long as he serves the mission of the Divine, is almost unstoppable.

Here also is a link for your enjoyment:  Please read the article Love, Marriage, Romance & Women, in Medieval and Celtic Culture  http://www.dfwx.com/medieval_cult.html#cere%20rel%20top

The Battle Rages, by James Wappel