You might want to print out the Quaternity
 so you can refer to it while reading about it below.

The Quaternal Realms System consists of several
foursomes (and a few two-somes):

functions in turquoise letters:
Intuition, Thinking, Sensation, Feeling.
 These are fun to work with.  You have two dominant ones, and to
sub-dominant functions.  If you are an intuitive, you are not so good
at using your senses.  Intuition and Sensation are placed on the chart
diagonally from each other.  And if you are a Thinker, you know the
opposite diagonally is your weaker area and needs to be worked on.
 Feeling is diagonally opposite Thinking.  Each person has two
dominant ones which can never be diagonally opposite each other on the chart.
 They usually touch each other.  Are your two dominant functions
both on one side — are you on the left hand path or the right hand path,
in other words?  Or are your two both on top (meaning you are creative,
easily inspired and “high”, or both on bottom (meaning you are grounded,
practical, logical)?

Heh Vahv Heh

four elements (in green letters):  Desire (Heart) Being, Act, Word.
 These are briefly described in Jean Yves LeLoup’s
of Mary Magdalene

elements in purple capital letters, Fire, Earth, Air, Water

4 Christian
aspects of each human:  Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit (yes, believe it or
not, that is early Christian, not "New Age" like it might seem)

New Age
“bodies” or “planes” or modern Psychology aspects of the person: Physical,
Emotional, Mental, Spiritual

The Self
in the middle reminds us that we each aim for integration; we want to have
all four of these elements in balance inside ourselves.

The squaring
of the circle symbol, an ancient Pythagorean era sacred geometry symbol of
sacred marriage, is shown.  (The circle is surrounded by a square).


EXERCISE 1.  Make the Sign of the
Cross using the Quaternity Chart, As in your 2nd Deg. initiation(s).
 Consider all possible meanings of this gesture, the Red X, touching
right and left sides of the body for different realms of the Chart, etc. 

By this sign conquer, ICXC NIKA, ancient Greek talisman and the way Greeks and Eastern Orthodox Christians mark the eucharist bread each weekIn the book
in Magical Christianity
(required for Presvyter(a) level) initiates are
instructed to cross themselves while saying “In the name of the High Father,
the Deep Mother and the Son of Light.”  The Esoteric Mystery School’s
Kristianity teachings have adapted this to, “In the name of the High
Father [touch forehead], the Deep Mother [touch navel], the Son of Light
[touch right shoulder] and the Daughter of Mystery [touch left shoulder].
Amen [clasp hands in front of chest]”       

EXERCISE 2.  Discover your own Jungian
Personality type (as will be soon added to our new elective course: Sacred
Psychology).  There are several online tests to find your dominant Jungian
functions (Feeling or Thinking?  Intuition or Sensing?) and whether
you are extroverted or introverted.  Find your type (it will be a series
of four letters) and send to your
Instructor with the subject line:
 “My Jungian Type ArchDia Course” from __________ (your magikal name).


EXERCISE 3.  The Quaternal Godhead,
Male & Female Entities, Qualities, Functions, Aspects and You


A.  Print or Draw the Chart.  Then put it out of sight and try
to draw the Chart from memory.  (Don’t need to turn this in).

B.  Draw yet another chart and add in other things you think fit.
Some people have added in the planets, colors, other entities (angels), deities,
etc.  Please tell us your additions. You can type into an email or a Ning comment box in your Archdiakon/issa study hall section, four
lists of additional items you came up with, one list for each of the four sections. You don’t have to send us the chart you drew on paper.  

is an evolving system, the Quaternity chart, and Bishop Katia (its “inventor”) welcomes
your input! If you have any ideas or inspirations about the Quaternity system, please send her an email and put Quaternity Ideas in the subject line.

EXERCISE 4.  A Prayer Technique:
Determining which member of the Quaternity to pray to for various prayer needs.

Create a set of
lists like this:  Put the name of a Godhead member at the top of a page
so that you end up with four pages, one for the Son of God, Mother-God/Mother
Matter, God-the-Father, and Mary Magdalene. Then think of things you (and
other people) often pray about — prayer needs.  When you need help
with such-and-such you pray to — which deity?  Prayer for financial
aid might should go under Mother Matter since she is the earth, the material
realm.  A prayer for help with keeping your mind sharp, for mental clarity
— Son of God.  Prayer for more powerful spiritual life, God the Father.
 For family relationship issues, especially siblings, parent-child, love or emotional issues, Mary Magdalene.  Put several items, including
the ones just given, under each deity. Then try it out.  Say some
prayers! To make your prayer more effective, you can bring that Deity’s
elements (other things in their quadrant) more into your life.  Music,
water, etc. to boost an MM prayer.  Poetry, inspiring world scripture,
airy things like feathers, etc. to super-charge a God-the-Father prayer, soil from your garden, sand from a special beach, a piece of fruit or vegetable for God-the-Mother.
You get the idea.  In this way you get “in touch” with that deity via
all realms, even the physical, making your prayer or affirmation super effective.
 Send your lists to the Mystery
with “Quaternity Prayer Needs” in the subject line. (And Bishop Katia
may use your categorizings in her book she’s writing. If it ever gets finished, yippee).

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[Katia’s note to herself: Add portion from Seattle Speech]