Baptism Report – Study Hall Choices Application

    Congratulations on completing your first initiation!

    Please send us a quick report describing your baptism experience, how it went, what method you used, any helper?, did you "sense" or "feel" anything, etc.

    Now choose the Study Halls you would like to enter to start with. No more than two please, you can always add more later after you've completed your first two choices.

    Email Address you use for Mystery School correspondence:
    Your Spiritual Name:
    Your worldly name:

    Please tell us which study hall(s) you would like entrance into. We recommend you start with one, or no more than two study halls.

    New Order of the Knights Templar and the Daughters of Tsion

    Eternal Order of the Magi

    Order of Mary Magdala

    3rd Millenium Angelic Alliance

    Order of the Divine Mother

    Tarot Studyhall

    Order of the Northern Way

    Qabalah Studyhall

    Ancient Order of Melchizedek