Doctoral Courses, Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary

Grad Courses for Religious Doctoral Programs

There are eight semester study halls students in our grad school doctorate degree programs (Religious Studies, Metaphysics, Divinity, Theology) must complete. You do not need to complete them in order, and how long you take is up to you. It may be a matter of months for you, or only week(s). After completing these courses and writing your doctoral or PhD thesis, your degree will be conferred and you will be eligible for a transcript of the courses you take below.

Semester I-A
*Survey of BeliefNet (Survey of Contemporary Spiritual Communities)
*Interfaith Leaders Desperately Needed (Interfaith Leadership Mission & Skills)
*Reaching the "i" Generation with Spiritual Teachings
*Theodicy & Ontology

Semester I-B

*Five Things Religion-Haters Should Know (Answering Atheism)
*Morality & Moral Relativism
*Arguments for the Existence of God

One of these two electives:
*New Metaphysics: Survey of A Course in Miracles
*Shamanism: Indigenous Animistic Spirituality