Morality & Moral Relativism

Morality & Moral Relativism
Religious Philosophy 511

Read the article Morality: Who Needs God? by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith online here where it first appeared, or if no longer available, click here to download it as a .doc

Then read Moral Relativism, and come back to answer the following questions.

Paste the questions into an email, insert your answers and send to the Seminary at with the subject line Morality & Moral Relativism answers from ______________ (your name).

1. Do you agree with Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith’s contention that the absence of moral truths has made contemporary young people unambitious and uninterested in discovering ancient wisdom? Explain why you agree or disagree.

2. Describe the good things that come out of moral relativism, if any. Describe other pitfalls of moral relativism besides the above in question 1.

3. What does Buddhism say is the problem with moral relativism (see the above Wikipedia article near the end).

4. How does Roman Catholicism critique moral relativism.

5. Have you ever experienced moral outrage as Rabbi N. Coopersmith asks at the end of his piece? Describe.

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