Read this article on Diminishing our Ego and answer the following four questions. Send in an email marked, “Intermed Qab Article Ego”

1.  There is almost no greater barrier between the Creator and us thanour ever-growing ego.  (T / F)

2.  What are awakening according ot the author?

3.  What process is he refering to?

4.  In one sentence what is the point the author is making in the lastparagraph?

Read this article, Developing the Consciousness that “All is very Good,”and answer the questions below.  Send in an email with “Intermed. Qab.Article Good”

1.  Experience all that is in the _______________ we should _____________that it is all from the ___________ and that it is “____ ____”.

2.  What tool / technique does the author recommend to experience “allgood”?

3.  Goodness actually does and will come from events that we believeare not all good (T /F).

4.  What point is Rabbi Shimon trying to impress upon the other Rabbi?

5.  In section 328 what are the three creatures specifically mentioned?

6.  Explain the parable about the snakes in a short paragraph.

Read the article, Our Fears: We Need to Know and Appreciate Our Greatness,by Michael Berg and answer the questions below.  Send in an email marked, “Intermed Qab Article Fears”

1. By connecting with the _____________ of the ___________, we can turn our____________ into a motivating force for _____________ changes in how we____, starting _____ ______ .

2. Explain the heavenly court and its purpose in two paragraphs.

3. Why is Sharing so important?

4. What action does the author recommend you take with the knowledge gainedin this lesson?

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