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There is no such thing as a trivial question. We
can look at your finances, your relationships, your career or family.
We take an overall look at the next six weeks or six months to find
out what’s coming in your life. We can figure out the meaning of
that strange little incident that happened to you recently…Let’s
ask the cards, they never lie….

Magic & Psychics in the Bible

In the Old Testament there are many cases of psychic
counselors and dream interpreters advising kings, queens, priests,
and everyday people. Old Testament priests themselves practiced
magick arts. The high priest of the Children of Israel carried a
magickal set of stones with letters of the Ineffable name of God
written on them. They were kept in a special pouch under the high
priest’s gem-studded breastplate and were used to tell the
future or make decisions. These lettered-stones, called the Urim
and Thumim (literally “enlighteners” and “truth-sayers”)
are mentioned several times in the Old Testament (Lev. 8:8, Num.
27:21, I Sam. 28:6). Dr. Katia has constructed a set of these special
stones, collected during a visit to Israel, and she often uses them
in readings for her clients.

She is a student of Judaism, Kabbalah and early
authentic Christianity, and is an internationally known “prophetess.”
In the earliest Christian churches, the title prophetess applied
to any woman who would glimpse the future for members of her church.
St. Paul himself, writer of most of the New Testament, consulted
many such women and men in the early years of primitive Christianity.

Choose one of the
following divination methods for your Reading.

  • ANGEL CARD READING (using a wonderful Tarot deck with cards for all the Archangels and Angels, as well as Mother Mary, the Hebrew Goddess and God the Father.  Angel is the ancient word for messenger.  They may have a specific message for you, something you need to know.)
  • RUNES.Using the ancient Elder Futhark of 24 stones. The runes have been in use by the European peoples since 250 BC. Let them answer YOUR questions, as they answered your ancestors long ago. It’s all in your DNA.

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If you want to try another reader, you can go to
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least one of our of intuitive counselors is probably on-line right
now and would be happy to answer your question.  If there’s
something you need to know–find out!  Many of our practitioners
take credit cards by phone, too. We want to keep our service affordable
and avoid the trap (of evil!) that overcame the 900 psychic lines.
 Several of us actually worked for them in the past, as readers
and in management.  Dr. Katia even did screening of psychics,
and hiring and firing.  We all left when the owners became
greedy, fraudulent and downright BAD!

Cassandra L. Cholaki
( Dr. Casey), MsD. is a writer, teacher, and counselor
with a MA in counseling psychology and a doctorate in metaphysics.
She has taught various classes and workshops on Ancient Egyptian mysteries,
Dreams – Messages from your Soul, Chakras, Angels and The Sacred Tarot.
A Starlife Practitioner she is capable of sending healing and protecting
energy over long distances. She is a Sacred Pipe carrier. She was
a staff writer for California Magazine in which her monthly columns,
“Metaphysically Speaking and the Tarot Parlor” were cutting edge.
Her readings help and heal at the soul level, while at the same time
give practical easy insight into the challenges facing people in their
everyday life and relationships. To email her for an appointment either
by phone or return email, please email her at

Dr. Denise Conley, is an Ordained Interfaith Minister through the Esoteric
Theological Seminary. She has earned certifications in: Tarot consultation,
Dream interpretation and Psychic counseling. She also holds a Doctorate
in Divinity and Shamanism as well as being a member of the American
Tarot Association. Having attended Reiki Intensive and receiving
attunements through Laurie Grant, M.A., Denise is an 8th Generation
Reiki Master Practitioner. She is dedicated to helping seeker’s
reconnect to their life’s purpose and well being. Specializing in
Tarot Consultation, Dream Interpretation and Reiki Distant Healing,
Offering Professional Tarot Readings live on line or by email, through
her at Keen, Your Personal Advisor.

Chaplain Cindy's Readings really show you the way, email her with any questionsChaplain
Cynthia Kersh, D.Div. Readings, Angel Readings, Counseling Services, Classes and small gift shop. She offers distance learning (by email and phone) classes in Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Therapy, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Business, and offers counseling for death and dying. She is certified in Stimulation Therapy for dementia and Alzheimers.  Her intuitive Readings will blow your mind, just ask Dr. Katia who is amazed at Cindy’s ability to set her straight with a telephone reading! Choose from Tarot, Angel cards and Reiki cards.  She also makes and sells custom-for-you Sleep Pillows, Dream Pillows and beautiful Tarot bags.  Local sessions available in DFW, Texas.

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