Insights by Gerald IveyChapter 18 Lesson Questions. Copy and paste into an email, addyour answers, then send to theSchool with Born in Blood 18in the subject line.

1.  When is the Grand Hailing Sign to be used in Masonry?

2.  Fill in the Blank: The elements they could have had were the ________, the mosaic ________, and the compass and ________.

3.  The circle that is at the center of the Masonic lodge is in fourparts, name these four parts and its symbolism.

4.  What is “circumambulation of the lodge and how does/can itrelate to the Knights Templar?

5.  T/F: The Mosaic pavement used by masons, a black and white checkerboard,is representative of the “Beau Seant” of the Templars.

6.  Name three examples of Masonic clothing that can be related toTemplarism.

7.  Exercise:  Write a short explanation in your own words of thesymbolism behind the “Star of David” as it relates to Templarismand in Masonry. (hint pgs. 240-242). Then go out onto the web and find thesymbols discussed.

8.  Exercise: Write a brief summary on your thoughts as to the symbolismof the “G” (geometry). Does it relate to the Knights Templar oris it a symbol that specifically represents the Freemasons?

Templar Round Church in London mentioned in DaVinci Code
Templar Knight wearing his white mantle

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