St Sebastian Helping the Sick during the Black DeathReadChapter 1 in Born in Blood and VIEW PICTURES AT BOTTOMOF THIS PAGE. Copy and paste the following lesson questions into an email,add your answers, then send to theSchool with Born in Blood 1 inthe subject line.

1.  What was the “Black Death”? Give a one or two sentencedefinition.

2.  How did the plague of Black Death change the world?

3.  Match the following four terms to their definitions:  A) Tenantfarmer, B) heriot, C) knight, D) manor lord

3.1   Who was expensive to equip and maintain?

3.2   Who was paid by his tenants to use his mills, ovens, etc.?

3.3   On his death bed, the best farm animal went to the lord as a fee.

3.4   Who was required to stay attached to the manor from birth?

4.  T/F:  According to the church no Manumission was valid unlessit was a recorded part of a business transaction.

5. Which Statute tried to fix the labor prices at pre-plague level?

6. What were the two most useful, if not only, popular weapons of a knightin battle during the Hundred Years War?

7. Who claimed that “no one but God had control over men’s souls”?

8. T/F: The Great Schism involved the election of two different Popes dueto political uprising.

9.  In 1376, the English parliament became known to the people as what?

10. Exercise: Write a short summary of your own views and feelings on thebeliefs and statements made by John Wycliffe.

This map shows the spread of the Black Death Plague

Black Death Population Loss

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