Behold, you stand at the gate.
Speak the words required to pass!


[ Quick!  You have only a few minutes tosend an email  containingthe three passwords you’ve been given in previous initiations. Email us  with allthree passwords, one each for the postulant, 1st and 2nd Templar Degrees.]



Now that you’ve sent the email described above, read this:  While youwait for the Sentinel Templar to let you thru the gate and into the placeof initiation (in other words: while you wait for the next phase of theinitiation to be emailed to you) Review thePreparation page if needed.

If you sent the three passwords correctly, you will soon be emailed the URLto the Initiation itself.  The initiation is made up of a series oftrials, beginning with Trial by Examination testing your Templar knowledgewhich you will only have 24 hours to complete.