Armor Room in the Templar Castle of Peruggia Italty built in 1216Temple Accoutrements Symbology
After being declared a Master of the Temple, a Templar is taught furthersecret symbolism regarding his/her weapons & equipment.

Sword, lance, rounded kite-shaped shield, mace, dagger, spear, spurs, baldric

A Templar’s main weapon was a large straight double sided sword (a completely different design to the Turkish blade which was a slightly curved, flexible scimitar). His secondary weapon was a Turkish mace, principally a stick with a heavy spiked ball on the end.  He also carried a long dagger about his belt and also two smaller knives. –

And then there were the banners: What the masons call the Grand Standard,the banner of our SMONKT order in this case

The red Maltese cross symbol

and of course the Beausant

The Templar Seals & Symbols, 2-men-to-a-horse, various seals of Grandmasters.Read these articles, theKnights TemplarSeal and the Seal ofthe Knights Templar by Stephen Dafoe

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